Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fab Four - the great beatles impersonator

More than 40 years ago 4 lads from Liverpool shook the world with their music. Without The Beatles Liverpool is not as complete and perfect as now to be decorated as 2008 European capital of culture.
The Beatles music is a part of Liverpool culture. Annually the city council will held a street musical festival called Matthew Street Festival and The Beatles sound is an essence to represent Liverpool to the tourists from all over the world and to preserve the authentic "scouse" within the Liverpudlian themselves.
The Beatles has been officially disbanded about 30 years ago but their music is still alive and kicking to these days to the extent of tribute bands being formed so that people can enjoy the live performance similar to that of The Beatles during their heyday.
There are a lot of Beatles tribute band out there but Fab Four is one of the best.

City Centre
The crowd loves to enjoy live music while basking in the summer sun

Super excited nana. Once a hippies always a hippies
Paul Macca's impersonator of The fab four. Every face expression and
voice is wickedly similar to Sir Macca.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

traffic jam

I got back from work at 930 am just to find myself in front of my laptop struggling to access and

Huge traffic entering those sites make it impossible to access the latest update on the mother of all by-election in permatang pauh. It is the reason I have no mood in posting any new updates in my blog though I have already drafting on my next new post in my mind last weekend. Tailing closely every details of the mother of all by election for the past week.

Anyway of all websites the least difficult to access is

This graph from comparing 2 websites and is self-explanatory.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Engagement day

At last the well-known lovebirds since high school days got engaged just recently. My heartiest congratulation to Fatta and Nadiah.
Semoga berkekalan hingga ke jinjang pelamin dan ke anak cucu :)

The hero within me?

When Wendy and Chiew ceaselessly told me that I look like Bruce Lee I just grinned in lack of surety and made his famous "watttaaaaa!!" gesture in front of them just to serve their seemingly serious remarks. Well I do think the opposite.

I looked at the mirror and touched me face. Do I look like him? hmmm hair, yes. others..nah


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympic fiasco

Bless Yang Peiyi and Lin Miaoke, screw so-called Nationalists

While I find most kids are adorable and cute, some people in the the government of People's Republic Of China had other opinion. I dont mean to insult the people of China because I have a bunch of wonderful friends from there but some people responsible for the Olympic opening ceremony should get rid of that quasi-Nazism mentality.

Here is the video link.

While I dont really agree with over lambasting by the Americans but some of their points did make sense.
The top officials had just broke the little girl heart in a mean way that she will never forget all his life.
Here is the full news.

Monday, August 11, 2008

the clay person, Linda Hamilton, mundane Liverpool weather and Kids Fest 08

I participated as a volunteer in Liverpool Children Festival 2008. This was a part of the 'interview' to work as crew in Novas, (an organization that promote appreciation towards multiculturalism or minority cultures. Try google.) so Linda the supervisor said.

I dont really aim to work at Novas and I could smell a reeking dead fish behind the intention of calling volunteers to work at the festival. But I volunteered happily, snapping the "Novas job bait", because I have nothing to do at the moment. Anyway this could be a lot of fun volunteering at the kids festival, so I thought.

So my task with another volunteer, Gary is to help 2 mancunian ladies in their late 30s to organize a clay people workshop.
P and Sara are nice and moderately outgoing. I like them better than Linda but anyway after a while the festival seemed mundane because the weather is not summery at all and Novas don't provide food to volunteers. This annoyed me a bit because I missed my breakfast just to make sure I get there on time and supposedly they should at least provide sandwich and a cup of coffee to volunteers. But anyway, I have to get through this till 4 pm so I think it is not bad as I thought.

Getting dirty with clay seems a lot of fun at first but after 3-4 hours i started to feel bored and hungry. Plus I seem to have no talent in clay modeling. I made a presumably Patrick of Spongebob Squarepant and scared a kid away. P just laughed at me for my own talentlessness.
The only model that I successfully made is a lounging clay-man. Then I put it on the steps to dry it up, along with numbers of clay models from kids and adult who also made their model in the workshop.

At the end of the festival, after helping P and Sara cleaning up the table covered with clay I went to pick up my clay-man on the steps.

Gee whizz, it sucks.

I left it under the lamp post before called it a day and headed back home.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

At the beginning...

How it all started...
One evening I was watching a WW2 movie where there was one scene of people speaking german to each other.
It was love at the first sound.
Thats how I decided to learn german and want to find someone who can teach me german.
So I went online in a language forum I cant remember the name.
I found bunch of ppl (read: girls) and asked them if we can swap language.
Some replied some werent.
And there is a lady from a town called Osnabrück who agreed to take me as her student.

It was friendship at the beginning until she took me as her godson.

Later I called her Mama Steffi and regarded as the second woman I would put my highest respect after my biological mom.