Monday, August 11, 2008

the clay person, Linda Hamilton, mundane Liverpool weather and Kids Fest 08

I participated as a volunteer in Liverpool Children Festival 2008. This was a part of the 'interview' to work as crew in Novas, (an organization that promote appreciation towards multiculturalism or minority cultures. Try google.) so Linda the supervisor said.

I dont really aim to work at Novas and I could smell a reeking dead fish behind the intention of calling volunteers to work at the festival. But I volunteered happily, snapping the "Novas job bait", because I have nothing to do at the moment. Anyway this could be a lot of fun volunteering at the kids festival, so I thought.

So my task with another volunteer, Gary is to help 2 mancunian ladies in their late 30s to organize a clay people workshop.
P and Sara are nice and moderately outgoing. I like them better than Linda but anyway after a while the festival seemed mundane because the weather is not summery at all and Novas don't provide food to volunteers. This annoyed me a bit because I missed my breakfast just to make sure I get there on time and supposedly they should at least provide sandwich and a cup of coffee to volunteers. But anyway, I have to get through this till 4 pm so I think it is not bad as I thought.

Getting dirty with clay seems a lot of fun at first but after 3-4 hours i started to feel bored and hungry. Plus I seem to have no talent in clay modeling. I made a presumably Patrick of Spongebob Squarepant and scared a kid away. P just laughed at me for my own talentlessness.
The only model that I successfully made is a lounging clay-man. Then I put it on the steps to dry it up, along with numbers of clay models from kids and adult who also made their model in the workshop.

At the end of the festival, after helping P and Sara cleaning up the table covered with clay I went to pick up my clay-man on the steps.

Gee whizz, it sucks.

I left it under the lamp post before called it a day and headed back home.


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