Tuesday, August 26, 2008

traffic jam

I got back from work at 930 am just to find myself in front of my laptop struggling to access malaysiakini.com. and malaysia-today.net

Huge traffic entering those sites make it impossible to access the latest update on the mother of all by-election in permatang pauh. It is the reason I have no mood in posting any new updates in my blog though I have already drafting on my next new post in my mind last weekend. Tailing closely every details of the mother of all by election for the past week.

Anyway of all websites the least difficult to access is Utusan.com.my

This graph from Alexa.com comparing 2 websites malaysiakini.com and utusan.com.my is self-explanatory.


sherrina said...

It shows that many Malaysians are getting smarter now. They know where to get real news compare to syok sendiri news.