Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music transcends self

Do you have some tunes that always remind yourself to a specific place or event or somebody?
I bet you do.

Anyway just wanna share my tunes that never fail to link me to that special place, event or somebody

1. Bob Sinclar- Love Generation

Once in a hotel at the heart of Barcelona, I switched on the TV and the music video was playing.
It quickly become the theme song of our trip across catalonia. The song has its own sense of adventure and exudes richness of Catalonian culture. Buenos Diaz!

2. The Arcade fire- Neighborhood #2 Laika

This song is the most emotional of all. No, i dont mean a tragic relationship breakup. The intense drum beating, the banshee-howling of the vocalists, the melancholy violin background, the dog bells and the ironically stimulating lyrics- roll up into one wicked tune.

"our older brother! - bit by a vampire! - for a year we caught his
tears in a cup! - and now we're gonna make you drink it! come on alex!
don't die or dry up!"

I have lost count how many times I CRIED ( due to inspirational lyrics and music) listening to this song. If I become the prime minister of one country I will quickly propose this one to become national anthem.

3. The Coral- In The Morning

I used to listen to this song everytime I start my day back in my fresher days in Liverpool.
It quickly reminds me to the smell of the student flat ( maybe a detergent used by the cleaner- who knows!). A group of talented scousers created this song and it become a legend in its own league.

4. Mr. Big- Superfantastic

A gloomy day. It was about to rain outside. I was lying on the bed in my 3-shared room in my A-Level days. The weather was not necessarily to suggest my mood but I had radio that keep playing this song- which quickly caught up in my mind.

5. Coldplay-In My Place, Fat Joe feat Ashanti- Whats Luv, Puddle Of Mudd- Blurry

Hitz fm used to air these songs every now and then when I was in high school. It was a really good 'ol time when everything was so naive hihi.

6. Silverchair- the Greatest View

This song always reminds me of my puppy love :) and the long, illegal phone calls :))

7. Paul McCartney- No More Lonely Nights

4B, Elm grove L7 3EH Liverpool. This address, this song. Bed bugs!!!

These are all that I could think of at the moment. Maybe there will be "part 2"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plastic money

Sesungguhnya aku tak mempunyai kredit kad kerana kredit kad lah pencetus duka kebanyakan orang.

Ouh agaknya aku perlukan satu untuk book tiket kapal terbang.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sanity within insanity

Our perspective towards many different aspect of life has been moulded by the giant capitalist companies. Therefore when you try to swim against the current people will view you as an idiot- but what they don't see at the end of the river will be the plunge going down to the raging water that will inevitably bring death to anyone.
Capitalist system makes us stop thinking what is best for us. The mass control is what the father of public relation Edward Bernays did to make us consume almost every propaganda that they want us to believe.
Sure enough freedom of choice and expression has become the cliche of the modern world. However what we are keen to voice is also the result of what this capitalists has formed in our mind at the first place. Take one example regarding what Ed Bernays did to manipulate and trigger the first so-called freedom of choice in the society.
In order to penetrate the women market for cigarette in 1920s Bernays masterminded a movement for women 'rights'. Women were given perception they too can be like their men counterpart. A distinguishing feature belonged to men were challenged by this so called rights group. Women for the first time smoke in public and this has helped cigarette company to boost their sale.
This would be one of many other examples we could find if we are eager to seek for the truth and mind you this fine example was accomplished more than 80 years ago. Within 80 years time frame a lot of deceits and damages would have been accomplished.
So the question now is what would be the basis of thought for an absolute freedom of choice and expression- free from the influence of materialism, capitalism and any other corrupt practices in the world?
Turn off the TV and the radio. Stop buying entertainment/infotainment magazines of any sorts. Reflect on the world, the current banking system, the politics and the most important element- The purpose of our existence in the world.
And then think. The process will not be short. It will take years and perhaps a lifetime to know ourselves. Don't simply believe of what the mainstream media told us. Most of the time the reverse might be correct.
At the end of the day, no matter whether we are a muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist or atheist will find the truest source of life and ready to answer the very question ourselves- Am I part of the bluff? And we are capable enough to answer the question, make our choice and ready to swim against the torrent.