Monday, July 28, 2008

Am I normal?

I was once had problem sleeping at night. This happened few years back when I was still in college doing A-Level and it lingered for half a year. Though I had a bizarre behaviour of disliking sleep but due to human nature I could not help myself but to succumb to my biological needs.
It dreaded me anyway because I dont have enough sleep at night and have to wake up early in the morning to attend class. The only time I could sleep soundly (though not much) is in the afternoon.
I have no answer why it happened to me because I never consult with a doctor or psychologist for a proper analysis.
However I eventually recovered from the "sickness" a month shy of my A-Level exam.

Along the journey of recovery I have tried a lot of method to fix my biological clock and only one works best for me.

It is by fantasizing a role-playing game in which I am the assassin involved in a plot of killing his enemies. The scene is usually set in Iraq (or desert).
By doing this I will doze off in 5-10 minutes.

In reality I never hold a grudge against someone. Even if I am angry with someone I am sure it never reach to the thought of harming, let alone killing him/her.

Is this some sort of dual personality or something?
Psychologist help!!

The Kaninchen question

As several people asked about the meaning of "Kaninchen" I would answer it here in my blog.
Kaninchen is actually "rabbit" in german (which in grammatically correct Deutsch is Das Kaninchen).
The term derived from my beloved Deutsche Mama letter to me which addressed me as
Das Versuchskaninchen.

Das Versuchskaninchen means guinea-pig or in my case, someone who volunteered for experiment (I volunteered as her german lessons experiment). However it would be quite lengthy to write Das Versuchskaninchen and people who never learn german will have a chance of 99% (I guarantee) to incorrectly pronounce the word.

So I remove versuchs and adopt Kaninchen (Ka-Nin-tion) instead as my pseudonym.

It is catchy and fresh and Deutsch (credit goes to Mama Steffi)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I know it has been a while....

This is not the first time I blog.
I had one blog in wordpress and countless blogs in blogspot but this would be the second time
I would blog seriously ( I hope).
The others are just to satisfy my capitalist needs (lol)

This one would not escape as well from my capitalism greed (hence the embedded nonsense ads :D )

But this would become the primary blog to express my love in blogging towards anything, really. And hope it would stay as it is.

And you are welcomed to have your say as well.. in Malay, English or Deutsch (im still a beginner, so dont drain me too hard ;) )