Friday, September 19, 2008

the memoir of losing my flip flop

When I was a kid my dad used to bring me to a jetty located at the tip of peninsular Malaysia in Pontian Johor. We would go there almost every evening when the weather is calm and bright.
As a 4 years old kid I remember the sound of waves hitting the rocks, the cry of seabirds flying in the sky and the smell of the jetty- salty water and fish all over. It was a small jetty surrounded with seafood restaurants, kelongs and tug boats.
There was a small island called Pulau Pisang (if my memory serves me right) just across the small fishing village and you could get to the Indonesian Pulau Batam by using ferry with reasonable fare.

So there I stood on the edge of the jetty bracing the bar that separates ground and sea. Soft breeze slapped my face and I enjoyed the picturesque scenery of a fishing village.

I would stood there watching tug boats and ferries sailing to and fro while licking lollipops or whistling randomly to unspecific tune. One of my feet extended beyond the edge playing with the air whilst several meters below was the green sea.

I would do as such unnoticed that the flip-flop has loosened a bit off my feet. It hung dangling till it suddenly slipped off my feet into the sea causing a small ripple out of the calm water. I gasped with my both hands on my mouth as I watched it wobbling on the surface. It rocked and moved back and forth due to the waves as it distanced. It was impossible to get it back.

My flip flop has started its own journey across the sea and it did not bid good bye to me.

That night I have difficulty to sleep on my bed. It was my first time of losing. For a 4 years old kid who never lose anything before in his life that kind of losing really made him think and wonder. The flip flop was regarded as my own companion who was always there with me through thick and thin. A sudden detachment still inflicted a broken heart All sorts of question about the fate of the flip flop rummaged through my head just to find no answers. The harder I think the more likely I yawn and the easier for me to doze off but the questions stuck in my head for several years to come.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The informal gathering starts at 0930

There will always something to be discussed about and never a day without a topic to literally live up the mundane north west weather. An informal meeting of the three us always ended up in front of gala's.
The topics are ranging diversely from love life,work to cultural exchange.

It is only a month I have been there and we, to quote Wendy , " get along like a house on fire".

Today's topic is your friend's bizarre obsession that seems misfit to modern society or to be more exact the social norm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of Ramadhan

This conversation is based on true event

Farhan : Im fasting today.
Miss Fox: Ouh, so you eat no food today?
Farhan : I wont eat and drink from 4 this morning till the breakfast time at 8 o clock
Miss Fox: (gasped) are you sure you can stand that?
Farhan : Been doing this since i was 10 or 11. Already get used to this so it wont be a problem.
Miss Fox: I just cant believe it if you are not drinking till 8.
Farhan : .............
Miss Fox: If you wanna drink. Just hide behind the bush (wink)
Farhan : lol
Miss Fox: lol

Anyway, selamat berpuasa kepada semua. Raya ada 27 hari lagi hehe