Thursday, February 18, 2010

The girl who loves to sleep

Hey Sarah let's take a walk with me in the park
Come dry your tears don't be such a cry baby
let's marvel at the world and be jolly
the bed of roses waits for you in the morning glory

Hey Sarah wear the nicest smile upon your face
Dont grumble listen to the wind in the swaying trees
the one that makes the bell rings
Embrace the sunshine with the warmth of your heart

but now you lie numb in the corner of the room
eyes shut pale face in the corner of the room

I miss the days when we could catch the butterflies
dancing in the rain
Dont you feel the same way too?

Hey Sarah whisper to me in the darkest of the night
Once you are awake from your deepest dream
I'll let you listen to the music I wrote for you
Remember the one from my dad's piano

for the girl who loves to sleep
for the girl who loves to sleep

**ni bukan aku jiwang ke apa. Ni lirik lagu aku no 2. Tulis sini sbb takut lupa