Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fab Four - the great beatles impersonator

More than 40 years ago 4 lads from Liverpool shook the world with their music. Without The Beatles Liverpool is not as complete and perfect as now to be decorated as 2008 European capital of culture.
The Beatles music is a part of Liverpool culture. Annually the city council will held a street musical festival called Matthew Street Festival and The Beatles sound is an essence to represent Liverpool to the tourists from all over the world and to preserve the authentic "scouse" within the Liverpudlian themselves.
The Beatles has been officially disbanded about 30 years ago but their music is still alive and kicking to these days to the extent of tribute bands being formed so that people can enjoy the live performance similar to that of The Beatles during their heyday.
There are a lot of Beatles tribute band out there but Fab Four is one of the best.

City Centre
The crowd loves to enjoy live music while basking in the summer sun

Super excited nana. Once a hippies always a hippies
Paul Macca's impersonator of The fab four. Every face expression and
voice is wickedly similar to Sir Macca.


sherrina said...

wah, bestnya

kaninchen_of_mersey said... sebab biggest fan beatles..x dapat beatles dpt tribute band pon lyn je haha

nad said...

seronok laa tu