Sunday, August 3, 2008

At the beginning...

How it all started...
One evening I was watching a WW2 movie where there was one scene of people speaking german to each other.
It was love at the first sound.
Thats how I decided to learn german and want to find someone who can teach me german.
So I went online in a language forum I cant remember the name.
I found bunch of ppl (read: girls) and asked them if we can swap language.
Some replied some werent.
And there is a lady from a town called Osnabrück who agreed to take me as her student.

It was friendship at the beginning until she took me as her godson.

Later I called her Mama Steffi and regarded as the second woman I would put my highest respect after my biological mom.


Jeff Johari said...

apan, inspired by ww2?..nice nice..

fay said...

my rumet took german mase kt skolah..

she tros tau kaninchen.. huhu.. =D