Saturday, March 28, 2009

video lama III

Mama was calling a cab for my departure to Cairo airport that evening and Anne was busy surfing.
Just after that she tried the galabiyya that we bought yesterday at Khan El Khalily. She bought specially for my mom. I have told her that her size will fit my mom so she tried it to check whether the size is ok. Just in case it doesnt fit we may change for another suitable size.

This will be the last video in egypt. That evening before my departure we went to a farewell party organized by Katja and Yvonne because they will move from Cairo.
Everything went perfect. Mama was happy introducing her son to the hostesses (as she was cheerily pointing me as 'part german,part chinese'). It was nice to be immersed in a total german atmosphere where everybody speaks German- though I could not join them in their native language I really enjoy listening to them. My german was not good so I have to speak english with Katja and the other guests. Sometime mama will translate everything for me.
Katja was a very determined lady and she had been in Liverpool for Erasmus program.
I also spoke to 2 lads where they spoke about their adventures going back to Germany from Cairo just by using land route!!
Katja owned a guitar and mama just happened to notice it and asked me to play along. It was an impromptu performance. I delivered 2 of my staples Beatles songs - I Will and Blackbird. I was lucky because i remembered all the lyrics and no noticeable f.ed up. Pheww..
It was a really great evening and great pasta they had. The only downside was the battery of my camera :(
We had to leave before the party was over because I need to catch my flight.