Friday, March 20, 2009

Cry if you could- upon watching this movie

I think to write a review for this film is a difficult task. Prior to post this I tried to sink deep into Apassionata and Die Sonate Vom Guten Menschen (and tried harder to cry- in which i failed to do so). I did some research on the director/writer and the casts so that I could have some idea on what to write- yet the more i made my research, the more points arose to kick me out as 'critic' for this grandeur piece of work.
This film certainly do not deserve a review from an amateur like me. So I will just write the backbone idea of this film where everything is spawned.

Maxim Gorky's anecdote about Lenin listening to Beethoven's Apassionata. Gorky wrote:

I know of nothing better than the Appassionata and could listen to it every day. What astonishing, superhuman music! It always makes me proud, perhaps naively so, to think that people can work such miracles!" Wrinkling up his eyes, Lenin smiled rather sadly, adding: "But I can't listen to music very often. It affects my nerves. I want to say sweet, silly things and pat the heads of people who, living in a filthy hell, can create such beauty. One can't pat anyone on the head nowadays, they might bite your hand off. They ought to be beaten on the head, beaten mercilessly, although ideally we are against doing any violence to people. Hm—– what a hellishly difficult job![7]