Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Never attempt to speak English in Egypt

You have been warned. Unless you have a reliable tour guide with you who can speak excellent arabic you are exposing yourself to the peril of being "robbed" in the broad daylight.
Well, I don't mean it directly but according to my experience a lot of street hawkers and taxi drivers tend to put obscenely high price for english-speaking tourist. Some people also charged you for photo-snapping ,keeping your shoes when entering mosque and even the tiniest bit of work-finding a place to park your transport.
Typical scene in Nasr City, Cairo

There are still a lot of good samaritan offering an honest service but what I meant here is for you to be aware of the condition there. If the person looks terribly in the need of financial support dont hesitate to offer tips. Be considerate.

Don't blame the people on the streets because they have minimal power to change the situation. I would blame the corrupted government.

So before you head to the land of the Pharaohs learn arabic or hire a reliable tour guide ;)