Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to get a free train ride across Niederrhein


The writer intends to share his experience travelling in Germany with the readers, though the post title may incite temptation to commit similar action, the writer hopes that the readers will have good judgment to pay the ticket either at the station or on the train.

However if any of the readers decide to commit similar action on their trip on the Bahn the writer is not responsible for any misfortune experience by the readers upon getting caught by the officials.

This is the sample of the student rail pass within the Niederrhein region, Germany. It is so easy to be replicated that it needs only a simple photo-editing software, a plain white paper and a common student printer to make one like this. I got the chance to test the validity of what my friend told me earlier "You don't need even a cent to pay for train ride to Düsseldorf".

So a budget traveler like me will always welcome an occasion like this- by using the fake student pass I traveled from Krefeld to Düsseldorf before heading to Koln-Bonn airport to catch flight to Cairo. I was at Krefeld the morning earlier after arrived from Weeze airport.

Destination A is Weeze airport at the Germany-Netherland border to destination B (Koln-Bonn airport)

I was a bit nervous because usually the train conductor will check the ticket or pass of every passenger on the train. By looking at the information on the fake student pass I should be on my 4th term of study means that my command of German language should reach at least conversational level.

With my basic command of Deutsche Sprache and the rucksack on my back the locals would find it easy to spot me as a tourist. However I decided to up the ante and put all the stake in this trip- just for the pure fun of it.

Stealing time for a nap on the train.

The journey brought me across the glimmering river Rhein under the summer sun and finally to the Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof. I sighed a relief when no one comes to check. It was a hot summer and the Deutsche loves to develop suntan while drinking beer at the roadside.

I ordered for myself a banana split.

(Thanks to Herr S.A. for making the trip possible)

Düsseldorf, city by the river Rhein in the summer of 2008.


sherrina said...

bestnya gi merantau ke tempat orang.