Sunday, October 11, 2009

Women who cant nag is no fun

Ladies -they are always associated with this. Being the type who excel in linguistic and the vocal prowess they have the ability to pour out everything that cross their minds- sometime without thinking. But anyway being the wiser counterpart at the time of argument, men should be able to understand that hormonal imbalance may cause this. By keeping your lips sealed you are not actually waving the white flag but being a good listener. Some judgmental views maybe thrown out at you but be cool because you know you are in control and please.... never start becoming the aggressor.
After a while things start to cool down and you may want to start the conversation without mentioning the issue that became the subject of argument or tackle the issue in a positive light.

Ladies nag sometime over silly things but i think it shows how sensitive they are towards something important we, men always overlook and brush aside due to our ignorance and also how articulate they are in conveying their message to us. That confirms that they are perfect women!

Anyway if you guys keep being the subject of nagging it may show the level of respect towards you are declining greatly and it is time to start looking for someone else or if you still think that she is worth keeping, become a philosopher like Socrates or sail around the world like Colombus.


faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

nice one!

helmi said... & spicy eh post ko kali ni