Saturday, August 15, 2009

Could you give up on politics?

I scribbled what i thought would best to be a punk anthem ( well that maybe an exaggeration hehe)

"An Open Letter to the Politician"

Maybe it is a good news to hear you in the good shape
but please reflect on our situation sir
we are dying in hundreds and many more to come
So could you please send us ammunition?

We see dark clouds beyond us everyday
while you are jollyingg with the enemy in the name of diplomacy
Maybe it is just our fate to "die with honour"
and spills the same red blood like ours

When peace is so foreign could you give your piece of mind?
The cries of our mothers are the sobbing of your mama
Our fight is for the laughter of our children
In the name of humanity could you give up on politics?


Anonymous said...

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