Sunday, November 2, 2008

culture preservation vs animal wefare

A gory scene like this could only be seen in Faroe Island. 950 or so long finned Pilot whales will be killed annually here, mainly during summer as part of their grindadráp festival (Pilot whale slaughter).

In this small island, maybe they have had enough of kinky bubble party so they seek for adrenaline-pumping fun activities like this.

Most Faroese consider the hunt an important part of their culture and history but animal rights group as usual hit back by claiming that the hunt is unnecessary and cruel.

Well, I don't bother as long there is ongoing project by the authorities to ensure that the population of the species will not be threatened in near future. For Faroese I dont think they will care as long they could happily whaling while sing along to the chorus line *"Raske drenge, grind at dræbe det er vor lyst"

*Strong young lads, to kill the grind that's our joy


rinkimeki said...

Weh giler la...
Sampai merah laut..ini dah lebih..
Kalau camni aku nak join animal right group ar!(
Love whale!(love whale)
Everybody cam'on!!

Anonymous said...

animal right group kte nnti x bleh mkn ayam, lembu, ikan....ekstrem tol...kuang kuang kuang

rinkimeki said...

Boleh la..
Juz cara mematikan haiwan tu tal boleh kejam..tak silap aku tu la syarat
Tapi ni dh sembelih paus sampai merah laut sape nak makan?
Love whale! (Love whale)
Everybody cam'on

fay said...

grindadráp festival;

i looked it up.
half-expecting to find it somewhat similar to our Qurban ritual which started from the story of our prophets.

but i couldnt. but i did find out that they actually consume the pilot whale; makan the meat, use the blubber for oil etc. but not sure that justifies thing or not.

ranting without conclusion;
cakap byk point sket.


rinkimeki said...

Cool la fay..serius plak budak ni..
We juz cakap2 kosong here la
I don't care if u smart or juz google around and post it as ur comment la dude..semua org bley buat..
Name pn comment..our own point of view la..
Chill la bro/sis..don't be so rigid
No heart feelings

fay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fay said...


sooo sorry~

ranting without conclusion;
cakap byk point sket. <--- ditujukan pada diri sendiri. (kind of an inside joke in my class.. "ko ni ckp byk point sket")

to rinkimeki, sorry for the misunderstanding..


rinkimeki said...

No prob dude
No heart feelings k fay
Kaninchen ni mesti bangga blog die ade org post comments

anonymouse said...

kaninchen x bangga tapi seronok..klau dua orang..dua ronok...klau kaninchen rinkimeki dgn fay...beronok ronok

kah kah kah

*gua pinjam lawak lu Nabil...royalti mintak kt astro