Sunday, November 9, 2008

Woman you may want to avoid... or men you may want to avoid

As this was taken from a guys dating guide women may want to change the "she", "her", "women" and so on to "he", "his", "men" and so on...


1) She falls in love too fast.

When a woman advances WAY faster than most women do, watch out. It may not mean you're "lucky",it may just mean you're dealing with a psycho. Watch out for her either dominating your life completely or falling out of love with you just as fast as the saying goes "Easy come easy go"

2) She treats her family badly...

If she doesnt mind screaming at her mama and call her an old bag then you can expect more screaming and name-calling at you.

3) She likes to blame the world.

Enough dealing with a wet blanket. If a woman blames the world for everything
that happens to her instead of taking responsibility for her actions, you can be sure there'll be lots of drama in your life if you start dating her. Cut the connection before you even start and avoid the "pessimism" flu

4) She's on drugs.

Drugs are bad and will mess up a woman's mind and body, period. Don't get mixed up with the intention of being a lover to help out a junkie. It may cost your wonderful life. Let rehab do their job and you stay away from smackhead.

5) She's an alcoholic.

It's okay to date an ex-alcoholic who's been clean for a few years, but it is NOT okay to date a woman (or man) who is still an alcoholic.

6) She hangs out with the wrong crowd.

You can judge a person's character by looking at theirchoice of friends. So if your new girlfriend hangs around with the wrong crowd, watch out.

7) She plays mind games from the start.

If you can "sense" a woman is playing mind games with you, chances are, she is.
Stay away...or there'll be a lot of drama and hurt feelings...potentially on BOTH

8) Her income and living space do not justify the lifestyle she has.

A little surprised that she can afford all the nice clothes and makeup when she lives
in a hole or works at a coffee shop? It's a sign that she's a gold digger and has at least one
other man out there who is supporting her.

Always be cautious about women who lifestyles do not match with their income or
home. Even if she is NOT a gold digger, you don't want a woman who maxes out your credit
on handbags and fancy gowns when youget married. (Yes - there are many people
out there who live on credit. NOT good!)

9) Her stories don't match up.

Do her stories seem to not match up? Watch out? She could be a chronic liar.

10) Your friends tell you there are things wrong with the woman.

Friends are usually less-biased than you are since they are not in love with your
girl. If everybody starts telling you how they think your new girlfriend is a slut or a
manipulative bitch, it's time to take a step back and see why they feel that way.


Clearstar said...

met one?

rinkimeki said...

Ape lagi Kaninchen jwb jgn x jwb..
Met one?
Women...troublesome though.....

kaninchen_of_mersey said...

ada gk..kah kah

╭-* cღииĩє 云 *-╮ said...

♥ sounds like women so bad lolx...
♥ the same goes to man...?

fay said...

♥ sounds like women so bad lolx...
♥ the same goes to man...?

Jawab rabbit jawab =P

kaninchen_of_mersey said...

to connie:

both women and men are created differently as they say "men from mars and women are from venus"
we do have different wires but we do need each other. There are bad men and good men as well as in women.
hmm yea i noticed that the posting seems to be sexist..ok so I will change it offence (i took it originally from a men's dating guide LOL)
anyway thanks for your comment.

rinkimeki said...

Kaninchen tewas..hahaha
Don't be too easy on em' dude
and no...i'm not gay but i'm certainly will be bias on men for this article

fay said...


the traits yang you'd want to avoid kot..

rinkimeki pnah jmpe tak this kind?

rinkimeki said...

A few of em..

fay said...

byk da ni rinkimeki..
tunggu apan nye post baru lak la kite beronokronok =P

rinkimeki said...

Beronok-ronok eh...

InCeK SaPpiL said...

point yg bagus apan..haha..